Our Families

Hall Educational Resources works with families who are eager to find an educational solution to help their child thrive, whether pre-kindergarten to post-graduate. Many families are overwhelmed with the vast amount of information available.   For them, figuring out how best to proceed may be daunting at best. These families recognize the need for professional assistance in order to assess the options, identify alternatives and prepare a game plan to ensure their student’s strengths, interests and potential are represented in the best possible light.

Elizabeth helps parents view their child’s educational needs from a holistic perspective. By taking parents through a process of understanding the relationship among the various parts of their child’s unique learning profile, parents acquire a more accurate and powerful picture of their child’s needs, with an eye towards the future. This customized approach provides parents with a cyclical framework, helping them to see their child’s educational experiences and patterns in a new light.

Elizabeth brings a fresh perspective to her educational consulting work given the path she has traveled parenting children with learning differences, coupled with her private school knowledge and experience. She strives to stay current on the private school and boarding school landscape, educational trends, professional resources, and academic curriculum by frequently touring schools, attending professional seminars and networking with the vast array of practicing professionals.

As Elizabeth has built Hall Educational Resources, every action she takes is based on integrity, honesty and respect. From her ability to establish rapport and trust with school admission teams, to the connections and partnerships she builds with client families and educational professionals, Elizabeth’s approach is individualized to each client’s needs.