As part of the Consulting Services, Hall Educational Resources will conduct an in depth review and assessment of your student’s academic and psychological background, including any available reports, to gain a more thorough understanding of your child. We work with all different types of students, including but not limited to those with learning disabilities, gifted learners, dyslexia and traditional students who are doing fine but could be doing even better! Some topics that are covered in the consulting service are academic advice, recommendations for further assessments, testing guidance, educational brainstorming and referrals for advocacy support, tutoring, legal support, and speech and language. Hall Education Resources has a customized approach that will tailor to your student’s needs.

If you think that any of these services may be a good fit for your family please reach out at to speak with our team. We look forward to answering any questions that you may have about our services and hope that we can help you seek a positive placement for your child.