Private School Planning

The Private School Planning consulting service is designed to take the student and their family through each step of the search and application process for finding the “right fit” private day or boarding school. Hall Educational Resources has done the research and understands how unique each student and situation is. We have worked with students that are looking for a school that specializes in a specific learning disability program, others that are gifted learners and students that are just looking for their perfect next step. We will equip your family with a sense of direction, strategic council and coaching to find the best schools to fit your child and to navigate the admissions process at those schools, including advocating for your child on their behalf. Hall Educational Resources prides itself on knowing schools and being honest with families in regards to what is an appropriate placement for your child.

If you think that any of these services may be a good fit for your family please reach out at to speak with our team. We look forward to answering any questions that you may have about our services and hope that we can help you seek a positive placement for your child.