Our Services

Hall Educational Resources offers clients the opportunity to be fully supported in their quest for the most appropriate educational solution for their child. We welcome clients in both the early stages of their educational explorations, as well as those that may be struggling with a recent diagnosis, families with concern regarding their child’s learning needs or families who need support finding therapeutic placement for their child. Clients and families will receive not only an enlightened solution regarding all aspects of their child’s education, if appropriate they will also be connected to practicing professionals. Hall Educational Resources customized approach to each situation allows the best outcome for each client.

Hall Educational Resources targets a variety of different needs, both educational and emotional. We specialize in primary and secondary private school planning and placement, therapeutic programs for students with emotional disorders. In all three categories our certified Educational Consultant, Elizabeth creates a positive, honest relationship with the student, families and admissions officers. It is Hall Educational Resources goal to find the best placement possible for each client. Here is a more thorough description of each program:

If you think that any of these services may be a good fit for your family please reach out at info@halleducationalresources.com to speak with our team. We look forward to answering any questions that you may have about our services and hope that we can help you seek a positive placement for your child.