The Buzz

Mother of 6th grade daughter:
Elizabeth is methodical, calm, knowledgeable, incredibly professional, available to her clients, and her knowledge in the special education field is terrific.  Her greatest gift is asking probing questions.  She validated for us that our daughter was not in the right school and then she held my hand as we went through this school process. She is also an excellent writer and worked closely with us on our application.

Our work with Elizabeth was life-changing.  She referred us to the perfect neuropsych for our daughter, and when the testing results came back, Elizabeth saved us years by going straight to the heart of the results.  We had a very accelerated process and within little over a month, Elizabeth had gotten our fifth grade daughter into the school that was right for her.  It is a school we knew little about and had many misconceptions, but it has changed our lives.  In fact, while she was in 3rd grade, our daughter developed a bad facial tick but the moment she started at this new school, it disappeared.

If we hadn’t the guidance from Elizabeth, we would still be completely floundering.  That’s why I feel sorry for people who don’t take advantage of her.  When I talk to them, I just want to say “Run, run, run!”

Mother of 5th grade son:
Elizabeth is the consummate professional combined with the warmth and understanding of a concerned parent.   Her winning combination of smart and intuitive gives her the ability to pair the personality of a school with that of a child. Those qualities are so important in directing families toward a school that is the right fit and Elizabeth has it nailed. 

Our son loved the school that Elizabeth recommended for him, and as a result of seeing how the boys dress at this school, he’s decided to make a change in his look. He’s moving away from baggy sweat pants and t-shirts to skinny jeans with polo shirts and matching shoes. I am not kidding – that was his response. I see this as big. I will tell you why. It occurred to me today that his choice in clothes has probably been a reflection of how he feels about himself. At this school, something clicked inside of him. He loved the small classroom and the fact that all of the students were boys who are just like him.

I feel like this is home for our son and they will take care of him and teach him to take care of himself. I don’t know what else to say. I’m still astounded. They have accepted him and he will be going there. And after talking with admissions, we feel that attending middle school there will completely prepare him for main stream high school and college. This benefit will surely outweigh the cost – in not only receiving a top notch education but in his emerging self-confident and self knowing.

It is because of Elizabeth that we’ve been blessed with this opportunity. I am forever indebted to her. The work she is doing will impact people of our children’s generation and their children’s and their children’s. Paying it forward on steroids. That’s you, Elizabeth. I can’t thank you enough.