Hall Educational Resources will conduct an in-depth review and assessment of your student’s academic and psychological background; including any available reports in order to gain a more thorough understanding of your child. Hall Educational Resources has experience working with all types of students, including but not limited to those with learning challenges, gifted learners, dyslexic students, autism spectrum, ADD/ADHD as well as traditional learners seeking a challenging academic setting and those who could be performing at a higher level. 

Examples of topics covered in our consultation services include:

  • Academic advising

  • Transcript review & recovery

  • Summer programs, internships & resume guidance

  • Recommendations for further assessments (e.g., Neuro, Speech/Language)

  • Testing guidance

  • Educational brainstorming

  • Referrals for educational and legal advocacy, tutoring and therapy 

  • Student athlete guidance  



Hall Educational Resources uses a customized approach that is tailored to your student’s learning profile and needs. 

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