Hall Educational Resources is proud to be an official administration site for the Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT).  We offer a small and professional space for students to take the test so that they can maximize their score.  We offer both an individual or small group setting (maximum of 4 students).  However, the flex testing scores are viewed by schools as the same as any traditional SSAT test.


We offer the test twice a month for weekday group tests as well as one weekend a month if there is a demand.  The following dates will be the Flex group tests that we are offering for beginning of 2020: 


No tests are currently being offered for 2019 - 2020 testing cycle  


All testing starts at 8:30am.  Please note that we are unable to offer a Flex Test on the same day as the traditional SSAT is offered.  

We are happy to test students with accommodations but they must be documented and approved by the SSAT prior to your testing date.  Please indicate in your email to us if your child will need accommodations during his/her testing.  

More information can be found about Flex Testing with Hall Educational Resources by clicking here

If you are interested in scheduling a test please fill out the following:

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