Hall Educational Resources is known for our collaborative approach with both the parent and student to determine the type of schools that will be the “best fit” schools for the student.  There are many schools from which to choose and each student is unique as to their needs and interests. Our end goal is to provide the best educational environment in which students will thrive academically, socially and emotionally. 

The Private School Planning service is a highly individualized approach designed to take the student and family through each step of the search and application process in order to find the “best fit” whether that’s a private day or boarding school. 


We help students:

  • Identify their academic and extracurricular preferences

  • Leverage their strengths, special talents and interests

  • Explore and understand learning profile and academic needs, including strengths

  • Develop an appropriate school list based upon individual needs​    

  • Identify a testing strategy, either standardized testing or neuropsychological testing

  • Prepare for successful interviews and campus visits

  • Develop an application strategy, with an emphasis on a stress-free approach

 We will equip your family with a sense of direction, strategic counseling and coaching to find the best schools to fit your child while navigating the admissions process and advocating for your student.  Hall Educational Resources prides itself on knowing schools and being honest with families in regards to what is an appropriate placement for your child. We are accessible, objective, impartial and known for bringing clarity and calm to the families we work with.

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