Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Independent Educational Consultant?

Independent Educational Consultants (IEC) can provide a student and family with individual attention, firsthand knowledge of a vast array of educational opportunities, and the time to explore all of the options. With their extensive knowledge of schools and colleges, independent consultants can broaden the potential choices, and provide vital help in weighing factors such as cost, location and curriculum. With an IEC, your student has the opportunity to explore a wider variety of options and discuss possibilities in a meaningful way. An educational consultant is there to work collaboratively with the family in order to make recommendations on what schools may be the “best fit”, guide them through the interview and application process and have conversations with schools on the students’ behalf to ensure the fit is appropriate. Hiring an educational consultant can ensure that your child will have the best outcome possible as they embark on their next school. At Hall Educational Resources, we help families by acting as a liaison and guide to the admissions process. In addition, Hall Educational Resources has toured numerous campuses and has relationships with the admissions directors to help give our students the competitive edge. We have experience navigating these schools and can draw on that experience to help your child find the best fit. At Hall Educational Resources, we subscribe to the Independent Educational Consultants Association’s Principles of Good Practice and are required to annually sign and follow the principles as part of our Professional level membership in good standing.

How much does it cost to work with an educational consultant?

The cost of hiring an educational consultant may vary depending on the needs of the family. Hall Educational Resources has different packages available depending on the needs of the family.

How do I begin working with Hall Educational?

Go to the ‘Contact Us’ page in the website. There you will find a box to request more information. In addition, feel free to email us at:

What documents or educational files are needed for working with Hall Educational?

We work with a variety of different students. Many of our students just have report cards and a strong desire to pursue a private education. Other students have a Neuropsychology Report, Speech and Language or OT Reports. We understand there are many different types of students (and different school options for each type of student) and the testing may vary. If we feel that more testing is necessary to gain more clarity for your child’s education, we may make recommendations regarding new testing.

What tests are required for admission to a private school?

Hall Educational Resources works with a variety of different students and testing needs will vary depending on the type of school your child is applying to. All schools will require some type of testing for entrance purposes. The majority of the more traditional private schools will require the ISEE or the SSAT for entry, and as students get older, they will want to see either the SAT, PSAT or ACT. Other schools will only require a student to have a Neuropsychology Report or other academic testing done by a Psychologist. For our younger clients, schools may not require standardized entrance testing but may administer their own assessments for entrance testing.

Do you administer standardized testing for admissions purposes?

We do! We are pleased that as of 2018, we are administering the SSAT Flex test. A flex test is a SSAT test that is offered in a very small individual or group setting. Students can take up to one flex test during a testing season (August – July) that will count as regular SSAT scores to schools.

What kinds of students do you work with?

Hall Educational Resources has two distinct divisions of their business. The first part of the business is Private School Placement. In this sector we work with students that feel like their current school is not the right fit. This can be for a variety of reasons, the school could be too easy, their current school district doesn’t have a good reputation, the culture of the school is not what the student needs or it could be because the student is struggling and their IEP is not being met. Hall Educational Resources believes that all students should have the opportunity to be in a school that will make them grow academically, socially and emotionally. We work with all different students who are in pursuit of the school that is going to be right for them. The other part of Hall Educational Resources is their Therapeutic Placements. We work with children, teens and young adults who are struggling and at risk. These students come to us with a variety of different backgrounds but they all have one thing in common, they need help that extends beyond their current program.

What is a “therapeutic” placement?

A therapeutic placement is for children, teens or young adults who are struggling in the traditional academic setting for a variety of reasons. Most students that Hall Educational Resources work with are struggling with mental or behavioral disorders. There are also students that need a therapeutic placement when they are struggling with addiction. The therapeutic programs are designed to work closely with the students through counseling and group therapy to restore their ability to acclimate with their peers. These programs are designed to help students develop a tool kit of coping mechanisms and to turn around their behaviors.

What ages do you work with at Hall Educational?

Hall Educational Resources works with all school aged children.

Do you only work with students who have learning differences?

No! Hall Educational Resources has gotten the reputation of working extremely well with students that have learning differences due to their extensive knowledge of IEPs, testing and alternative schools. However, Elizabeth being a Mom of three just understands kids and what challenges all families must overcome in the process of planning for private school. Hall Educational Resources has been successful in placing students with and without learning differences in some of the most prestigious schools in the Northeast.

When is the best time to engage an educational consultant for school planning?

Ideally, parents would engage an educational consultant’s services in the fall prior to the admissions cycle that they would like to be part of. The fall is full of open houses, interviews and information that we encourage our clients to be a part of. Although Hall Educational Resources stops taking students in November that are pursuing a traditional deadline (Jan. 15 and Feb. 1) we will continue to take clients that are trying to get into schools that have rolling admissions. There is also a great window of opportunity to hire an educational consultant in the spring once decisions have been made and wait lists have been sorted out. Elizabeth is frequently able to help students (especially students interested in boarding schools) find a great school that fits their profile during the spring months. We are always willing to share more information on our services if you think that you have a student that is interested in pursuing a private school. We will certainly engage if we think that we can be successful with a placement.

When is the best time to engage an educational consultant for a Therapeutic Placement?

Right now! Chances are if you are looking through these questions about a Therapeutic Placement you have a student that could benefit from Elizabeth’s expertise. It is always best to start looking at programs or have a plan of action in place so that you are not in crisis mode when you have to make decisions. We often find that parents reach out to Hall Educational Resources when their kids have reached rock bottom. If you have a student that is struggling at home and you think that they may benefit from a Therapeutic Program, please reach out. If it is not appropriate yet, Elizabeth will be upfront and honest with you about steps that you need to take for your child to be successful.

What is the length of your contract at Hall Educational for Private School Planning?

The length of a standard contract with Hall Educational is for one school year admissions cycle, commencing with the receipt of payment of concluding with the admissions decision of the current admissions season.

What is the length of your contract at Hall Educational for a Therapeutic Placement?

Therapeutic School Planning services are engaged initially for one therapeutic placement, commencing with Hall Educational Resources’ receipt of full payment and concluding when the student has completed his/her enrollment in the recommended school/program. During the time that the student is at their program, Elizabeth will have meetings with the program and the parents to continue to offer support to the student and parents for the best possible outcome.

Who would I be working with at Hall Educational?

Hall Educational Resources is a boutique educational consulting practice, so you would be working directly with Elizabeth Hall for your school planning. We feel that this differentiates us from some of the larger firms. There are times that you would also have contact with Amy Lundquist who is Elizabeth’s Office Manager, as she runs the SSAT testing, does the finances, and other administrative tasks for the firm.

What qualifications does Hall Educational have?

Elizabeth has more than twenty-five years of experience in the secondary school world. She started out as a student at Northfield Mount Hermon, then worked extensively on their board of trustees, their enrollment committee and the head of school’s search committee. She also has three children, she went through the admissions process with her daughter both at the primary and secondary level. Since launching her business, she has worked hard to be recognized as a strong educational consultant. She is a professional member of the IECA(Independent Educational Consultants Association) as well as the president of the IECA schools committee. This gives her great exposure to various schools across the country. She also holds memberships in the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs, the International Dyslexia Association, the Small Boarding School Association, the Council for Learning Disabilities and the Enrollment Management Association. She is also certified in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and a Certified Coach Practitioner.

How do you know so much about the different schools and programs you recommend?

Elizabeth spends a lot of time touring different schools and programs. She has toured schools all over the country and has spend time building relationships with the admissions directors at many of these schools. She is also an active member of IECA which is a network of professionals that support each other in the profession. She frequents conferences that focus on good educational practices and what is necessary to get students into their desired schools. Elizabeth has a keen eye for a good schools and schools that are operating at high moral standards and makes her recommendations accordingly.

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