Hall Educational Resources Therapeutic Planning helps parents with struggling and at-risk children, teens and young adults discover settings where they will thrive. Our Therapeutic Planning service is designed to provide parents with guidance, coaching, and structure to quickly hone in on the appropriate therapeutic options for your child. Given the many choices in behavioral health programs, and the vast resources advertised online, it can be difficult to discern the most appropriate and reputable treatment option. 


Hall Educational Resources remains current by visiting therapeutic treatment programs across the country and utilizing our extensive network of professionals. This allows us to connect clients to clinically appropriate, high-quality, residential programs, wilderness programs, therapeutic boarding schools, and young adult supportive living solutions.


Elizabeth understands the importance of finding the right placement at this time in your child’s life. Elizabeth, alongside Hall Educational Resources, will take the time to understand the hopes and aspirations for all involved to make sure everyone is on the same page as we move forward. Once a placement is made, Hall Educational Resources stays involved with your child’s placement through the length of stay. This all-inclusive, comprehensive approach allows us to serve the needs of our clients as part of their support team throughout the therapeutic process.

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