Privacy Statement

Hall Educational Resources respects the privacy of its clients and other visitors to its website.


Any data Hall Educational Resources collects is used only to help us better serve our clients. It is our policy to collect and store only information that our clients knowingly provide. Hall

Educational Resources does not collect any personal information from users browsing its website. Hall Educational Resources only uses information provided on its website to respond to visitors’ interests, needs and to answer general questions about our services. Once a client engages Hall Educational Resources and provides Hall Educational Resources with a signed copy of Hall Educational Resources Release of Information (ROI) , then Hall Educational Resources will have permission to contact schools, programs as well as other educational institutions and/or clinical programs on the client's behalf and share information about the client with said institution.


If at any time a client determines that they do not wish to have this information shared, they may contact:


Hall Educational Resources

781-304-4716 or 


to request to relinquish authority for the release of said information. Information provided to Hall Educational Resources about a client's' educational and/or clinical records are stored in a secure manner and kept until the client has completed their educational journey with Hall Educational Resources.

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